YUNKER ENERGY AND HEALTHFor new life style challenging | Supplement drink with 6 kind of vitamins and 5 kinds of herbs.

What is Yunker?

Yunker is a powerful energy drink. It has a unique formula that combines oriental herbs and vitamins.It was created especially for people who need to be energized and to recover from colds or fatigue. Yunker was born as a result of accumulated research and development in maximizing the synergy effect of herbs and vitamins. Yunker is found out to be effective in recovering immediately from fatigue. Different variants of Yunker have different combinations of herbs and vitamins. Each formula was developed to address different causes of fatigue such as colds, strenuous activities and stress.
Tired? Experiencing low energy levels? One shot of Yunker will do the trick!
Yunker can be taken every day to revitalize and energize you anytime and anywhere!

History of Yunker in Japan YUNKER KOTEI

 In 1956, a time of high economic growth in Japan, Yunker was released as a powerful energy drink. Over a half century of intensive research in oriental herbs and liquid-type of medicine, Yunker was uniquely developed. Different types of Yunker have been created to address consumers changing lifestyle. Yunker has become synonymous to an energy drink in Japan.

What makes Yunker unique and special?
Oriental Herbs

The key ingredients are oriental herbs. They are known for their remarkable health benefits. Yunker contains four to eleven kinds of oriental herbs as shown below. These herbs were carefully selected out of hundreds of herbs to create the most powerful effect.

Product line up

There are five different kinds of Yunker drinks to choose from:

→Yunker series are available at Japanese food retailers. (Nijiya, Marukai, Uwajimaya, Tokyo Central, Mitsuwa, Don quijote stores)


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