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Big YUNKER Fan from Hawaii !!
(Mr. Kenneth Simon : The President of Menehune Water Company)

An Ultra-Pure Lifestyle

“Do you ever get that bubbly, bloated feeling in your stomach after drinking a lot of water?” asks Kenneth Simon. “That sensation is your body working to filter the minerals in your water.”

As an avid deep sea fisher, healthy lifestyle advocate, and oh, yes, the President of Menehune Water Company, Simon would know a thing or two about the difference water quality and a healthy lifestyle can make, even in Hawaii.

According to Simon, the body doesn’t need all those minerals in the water. Hawaii Water by Menehune Water Company boasts “Ultra-Pure” water that goes through eight different filtration processes to ensure that the final product is pure H2O.

The reason for its popularity is as clear as the water itself: Ultra-Pure water absorbs quickly into muscle mass without the added step of organically filtering (no excess bathroom breaks), and the benefits are immense. “Weight loss, consistent energy level, rejuvenated skin,” lists Simon, “The most important thing is to be properly hydrated.” Hydration and a naturally healthy lifestyle are a part of Simon’s daily routine.

An excellent example of this is that Simon opts for Yunker Energy over a cup of coffee at the end of the day as the perfect “afternoon pick-me-up.” Yunker Energy is natural, herb-based, caffeine-free energy drink. “If you’re a fan of caffeinated energy drinks, I suggest you try Yunker Energy for yourself,” says Simon. “The resulting differences are enormous.” Key differences include a reduction in bloating, no jitters and no post-caffeine crash.

“That’s why I’m a fan of Yunker Energy drinks by SATO Pharmaceuticals,” says Simon. “There are many similarities in our products; we both have the same passion for producing a product that’s good for society and the health of individuals.”