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What to Expect When You Participate in the Honolulu Marathon:
Advice from Dr. Jim Barahal, President of Honolulu Marathon

40,000 fresh malasadas. 36,000 participants. 17 stations.
A week’s worth of events. One world class marathon.

These are just some of the highly impressive statistics rattled off by Dr. Jim Barahal, President of Honolulu Marathon over the past 30 years. Another impressive stat: of the 17 stations spaced between 1.5 − 2 miles throughout the 26-mile Honolulu Marathon course, five are Satohap Spray Stations by Sato Pharmaceutical where runners make a pit-stop for an external analgesic spray. A 5-inch bottle that’s easy to hold and carry, the spray temporarily relieves arthritis, back, and muscular pain. Satohap is also available in plaster sheets that are just as popular.

“I wasn’t sure about the sprays and how the participants would react to it at first,” admits Dr. Barahal. “But many hundreds−hundreds!−of people have told me how great it was, how much better their recovery has been, how there’s been less pain all around. And they’ve thanked me for having those stations available.” A few participants have said that the Satohap posts are spaced out ideally so that they look forward to the relief waiting at the next Spray Station. A well-known runner who took up the mantle of Honolulu Marathon President in 1987, Dr. Barahal is a longtime advocate for Satohap products by Sato Pharmaceutical. First introduced to the brand over a decade ago, recalling how his skepticism quickly vanished after applying the sprays and plaster patches to his sports-related injuries over the years. “I still use the patches for aches and pains after a session of hot yoga or a round of golf−I love this stuff,” he says.